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Handball player, Space/Science lover & TV shows watcher

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Hello, I am a French Web Developer living in Paris. I am currently working for Getaround (formerly Drivy), the largest car-sharing service in Europe. I used to work for the Parisian transport company, RATP, which rules the subway, trains, buses and tramways in Paris.

I am also a Ruby and Rails teacher for IUT UPEM and ESGI, although I am teaching less since a few months.
Sometimes I develop websites for professionnals as a freelancer.

My specialty is Ruby and Rails but I also work a lot with and about APIs.
I try to master my projects from architecture and business features to deployment, performance, maintainability.
I insist on keeping myself up-to-date, learning everyday about technical and non-technical subjects, using different tools and improving myself.

On this webpage you can discover my projects, know the languages and frameworks I use, see the methods and softwares I'm fancy of. A little bit about my life, you can know where I worked, what I studied and finally what I do when it's is not coding.

Enjoy your time and don't hesitate to follow me on Github and Twitter, or email me at hello@rhannequ.in.




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[Under Development]

JSON API which provides data about space entities such as planets, satellites, comets, stars, spacecrafts.
First, this was a read-only JSON API in which most requests lead to a scrap from other websites like Heavens Above or multiple NASA projects, but my goal is to use multiple sources like APIs, services and public databases for the most complete API possible.
The purpose of this project is to make it easier for developers to use space data. I am also working on making a school course on top of this project.
Built in Ruby with Ruby On Rails 5 and OAuth 2, sources are available on Github rhannequin/space-api


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[Under Development]

Personnal application to manage my banking accounts. It leads to submit expenses, monthly debits, tags and have some insights and charts about how you spend your money. Built in Ruby with Ruby On Rails.


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[Under Refactor]

Annual school project, social network to meet people and eat with them. Allow to find people and restaurants according to hobbies and taste, add as friend, send messages, invite for lunch or dinner, and many. Built in Ruby with Ruby On Rails and third-party APIs such as Google Maps and Foursquare. Nice test-covered with RSpec, Capybara and factory_girl.

Web Services

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[Finished school project]

School project around REST, SOAP and web services. Made of 4 different projects:

Ayouken bot

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[Under Development]

Ayouken is a mix between a bot and an API. ayouken-api is a JSON API which handle requests like displaying a tweet, getting a random gif or looking for documentation on MDN. I'm trying to build other projects to use this API to have a multi-plateform bot, like ayouken-gitter-client for Gitter or ayouken (former project) as an IRC bot. ayouken-api is built in Ruby with Sinatra.

Webapp generator

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[Under Development]

This project is -obviously- a webapp generator, with the build system Gulp. It allows to benefit from a nice environment development with tasks like JavaScript linting, livereaload, assets pre-processing and many others. It also makes some production tasks very easy like concat, uglify, image optimization.

Labo Web ESGI

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[Finished school project]

This project is the website of the school association I ruled for two years. It was a development-oriented association in which we were able to discuss and present topics around web development. This website made it easier to create and manage events for students. It was built in Ruby with Ruby On Rails and is well test-covered.


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[Stopped for the moment]

Stalkhub is a project to easily retreive information from Github with are not directly available from the plateform. This idea comes from the fact that it can be hard to follow huge open-source projects. Watching issues and pull-requests doesn't make it easy to know what's really changing. Stalkhub can simplify this by showing the last commits of a project since the last visit. Other features are ready to be developed.

Countdown Launch

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[Stopped for the moment]

Countdown Launch is a very small and useless project. Its only purpose is to create and diplay a countdown for an event. I only made it to have fun with friends with coming dates and events. It was built in Ruby with Ruby On Rails.

Foursquare Hack

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[Stopped for the moment]

This is a small project based on Foursquare API to retreive restaurants around you. You can restrict the results by giving your own taste or kind of food you want. This was the first part of an idea which was later giving birth to MeetForMeal. It is only made of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Languages & frameworks





NodeJS (Express) • Java (Play! Framework) • PHP • HTML 5 / CSS3

Methods & techniques


RSpec • Capybara • factory_bot • Rubocop • Brakeman • Selenium

Build systems

Webpack • Capistrano • Gulp • Grunt


Squads and Tribes org • Scrum



PostgreSQL • MySQL • MongoDB


VS Code • Sublime Text • Vim • Rubymine • IntelliJ IDEA

Operating Systems

GNU Linux • OS X • Windows with VirtualBox


Getaround (formerly Drivy)


From 2019
Full Stack Engineer
Ruby On Rails • React



2012 - 2019
Web developer Ruby / Java / JavaScript
Ruby On Rails • Play Framework • BackboneJS



From 2016 - Part-time
Ruby / Ruby on Rails Teacher
MVC Design • Ruby • Ruby On Rails



From 2014 - Part-time
Ruby / Ruby on Rails Teacher
MVC Design • Ruby • Ruby On Rails



2011 to 2012 - Part-time
Web developeur JavaScript / PHP
BackboneJS • Symfony

Urbanmedia Pte Ltd


Web developer PHP / JavaScript



I love everything linked to sciences, like physics, maths, astronomy. I read and watch a lot about it and try to understand the best I can the world around me.

I've been playing handball for 16 years. This is basically the best sport in the world.

I also enjoy eating everything possible from around the world and it's not the worst way to discover new cultures!